How can I obtain a tourist visa for Djibouti online?

Your complete guide to the Djibouti visa: online procedures, deadlines, price and tips for a hassle-free trip.

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Djibouti visa

In a world where international travel is becoming increasingly frequent and accessible, the importance of a simplified and efficient visa procedure cannot be underestimated. The e-visa for Djibouti represents a modern and practical solution for travellers wishing to explore this unique destination. Whether you're a tourist attracted by Djibouti's cultural and natural riches, or a business traveller on the move, the online e-visa option offers unrivalled flexibility and convenience, cutting red tape and saving valuable time. In this guide, we'll provide you with all the information you need to navigate the e-visa application process, highlighting the formalities, the form to fill in and the associated costs. Get ready to discover Djibouti in the easiest and smoothest way possible.

Djibouti visa: key points

  • A visa is a required document for travelling to Djibouti
  • You can obtain a visa online with the e-visa for Djibouti by filling in a simple form
  • The price of a Djibouti e-visa varies from $51.99 to $148.99, depending on the period of validity and the processing time.
  • It takes an average of 7 days to obtain an e-visa for Djibouti.

Apply for a visa for Djibouti!

Djibouti visa: Overview

The Djibouti visa application process is crucial for international travellers wishing to visit the country. There are different types of visa to suit different visitors' needs. For UK business travellers, a Djibouti entry visa is required, obtained prior to departure from a Djiboutian diplomatic or consular mission. Professional journalists must also obtain accreditation prior to arrival. Visas are generally requested for a temporary stay, not exceeding one year, and must correspond to the validity of the travel documents.

It is essential to comply with local regulations when applying for a visa, including obtaining insurance to cover medical and repatriation costs. Travellers must also comply with health regulations and take precautions against various diseases, including vaccination against yellow fever if necessary.


Djibouti e-Visa: The simplified online process

The e-visa for Djibouti offers a number of advantages over the traditional visa, particularly in terms of simplicity and speed. This paperless process allows travellers to avoid the queues and complex administrative procedures often associated with embassies or consulates. What's more, the e-visa can be obtained from anywhere, as long as the applicant has an internet connection.

The steps involved in applying for a Djibouti e-visa online are generally as follows:

  • Accessing the official e-visa portal: Travellers should visit the official Djibouti government site dedicated to e-visa or a private service provider site.
  • Preparing the necessary documents: Before starting the application, it is crucial to gather all the required documents, such as a valid passport, a recent passport photo and any other supporting documents depending on the type of visa requested.
  • Completing the online form: The form must be completed accurately, including personal information, travel details and other relevant questions.
  • Payment of visa fees: The fees associated with the e-visa must be paid online using a secure payment method.
  • Submitting the application and waiting for approval: Once the application has been submitted, you must wait for approval, which is usually given by e-mail.
  • Printing the e-visa: Once approved, the e-visa is sent by e-mail and must be printed to be presented to the border authorities on arrival.

This simplified process makes for a smoother, less stressful travel experience, allowing travellers to concentrate on planning their stay in Djibouti rather than dealing with red tape.

Apply for a visa for Djibouti!

Djibouti visa application form: Filling in the right information

Filling in the Djibouti visa application form correctly is essential to avoid delays or refusals. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Personal details: Enter your personal details accurately, as they appear on your passport (surname, first name, date of birth, etc.).
  • Travel details: Clearly indicate the details of your trip, including dates of stay, accommodation address in Djibouti and the purpose of your visit (tourism, business, etc.).
  • Supporting documents: Make sure you enclose all the required documents, such as compliant passport photos, a copy of your passport and any other documents specified in the instructions.
  • Checking information: Before submitting the form, double-check all information to ensure that it is complete and accurate.
  • Respecting deadlines: Submit your application well in advance of your planned travel date to allow sufficient time for processing.

By following these steps, you will increase your chances of obtaining your visa for Djibouti without complication.


Is it possible to obtain a visa at Djibouti airport?

It is currently possible to obtain a visa on arrival at Djibouti airport. This option can be particularly useful for travellers who were unable to obtain their visa before departure. However, it is important to note that this option may be subject to specific conditions, and it is always advisable to check the latest information on the official Djibouti government website or with the Djibouti embassy in your country before travelling.


How much does a visa to Djibouti cost and how do I pay?

The cost of a visa for Djibouti varies according to the type of visa, the speed of processing and the service provider chosen:

For a 14-day visa:

  • Standard procedure (7 days) : USD $51.99 (including $12 government fee)
  • Urgent procedure (5 days) : USD $95.99 (including $12 government fee)
  • Super-urgent procedure (4 days) : USD $148.99 (including $12 government fee)

For a 90-day visa:

  • Standard procedure: USD $51.99 (7 days) (including $23 government fees)
  • Urgent procedure : USD $95.99 (5 days) (including $23 government fees)
  • Super-urgent procedure : USD $148.99 (4 days) (including $23 government fee)

Payments can generally be made online using secure methods such as credit or debit cards. Prices are subject to change.


How long does it take to obtain a visa or e-visa for Djibouti?

To understand the processing times for obtaining a visa or e-visa for Djibouti, it is important to distinguish between the two types of visa and to understand the options available:


How long does it take to obtain an e-visa for Djibouti?

  • Standard procedure: This option generally takes around 7 days. It is the most economical choice, but requires you to plan your application well in advance.
  • Urgent procedure: With this option, processing time is reduced to around 5 days. This costs more but is useful if your trip is planned at short notice.
  • Super-urgent procedure: This is the fastest option, allowing you to receive your e-visa in just 4 days. It is ideal for emergency situations or last-minute travel, although it does involve additional costs.


How long does it take to obtain a traditional visa for Djibouti?

The time taken to obtain a traditional visa depends on the embassy or consulate where you apply. In general, it can take from a few days to several weeks. It is advisable to contact the nearest Djibouti embassy or consulate directly for precise information on current timescales.

In both cases, it is advisable to submit your application well in advance of your travel date to allow for public holidays, weekends and any unexpected delays. Also, bear in mind that processing times may vary depending on the time of year, application volumes and the security checks required.

Apply for a visa for Djibouti!

e-visa for Djibouti online: Advantages and advice

The e-visa for Djibouti option offers a number of significant advantages:

  • Simplicity and convenience: The application can be made online, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or consulate.
  • Time saving: The process is generally quicker than a traditional visa application.
  • Accessibility: Available 24/7, so you can apply at any time.

Finally, here are a few tips to help you make a successful online visa application: 

  • Prepare the documents in advance: Gather all the necessary documents before starting the application.
  • Fill in the form accurately: Make sure all the information is correct and complete.
  • Choose the right type of visa: Select the visa that corresponds to the purpose of your trip (tourism, business, etc.).
  • Check the eligibility conditions: Make sure you meet all the requirements before submitting your application.

In conclusion, applying for a Djibouti e-visa is a practical and efficient option for international travellers. By following the steps and advice provided in this guide, you can facilitate your application process and ensure a smooth entry into Djibouti. Don't forget to check regularly for updates on visa procedures and requirements, as immigration policies can change. Plan your trip with peace of mind by opting for the ease and speed of e-visa, and make the most of your stay in Djibouti.

Apply for a visa for Djibouti!

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Frequently asked questions

What documents do I need to apply for an e-visa for Djibouti?

To apply for a Djibouti e-visa, you will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of your intended entry, a recent passport photo and details of your trip, including dates and place of accommodation.

How long does it take to obtain an e-visa for Djibouti, and how long is it valid?

The time taken to process an e-visa for Djibouti varies according to the option chosen: standard, urgent or super-urgent. In general, it can take from 4 to 7 days. As far as validity is concerned, there are short-term visas (14 days) and long-term visas (up to 90 days), depending on your travel requirements.

Is it possible to obtain a visa on arrival at Djibouti airport, and is this recommended?

It is possible to obtain a visa on arrival at Djibouti airport. However, it is advisable to obtain an e-visa in advance to avoid long queues and possible delays. What's more, having a pre-approved e-visa guarantees entry into the country without any unexpected complications.