How to apply for an urgent tourist visa for India?

Need to apply for an urgent visa to India? Find out about the urgent application process to help you do so.

Apply for an urgent India visa!
Urgent visa to India

India visa applications necessarily require a processing time that can vary from a few days to a few weeks. It takes a minimum of 6 working days to receive your visa. If you are planning to travel to India in the near future and have not yet applied for a visa, you should know that it is possible to apply for an urgent visa. This urgent procedure will allow you to obtain your visa for India within 36 hours or 3 working days.

Urgent Indian visa: key points

  • It is possible to obtain an urgent visa for India for an additional processing fee
  • Urgent India visa processing time is 3 to 5 working days
  • Super urgent India visa processing time is 36 hours
  • Only a few online service providers offer emergency visas for India.

When should I apply for an urgent visa to India?

As an urgent visa application will incur additional costs compared to a regular visa application, we recommend that you only apply for an urgent visa if you really need it.

In return for the extra costs, you should know that during an urgent procedure, all the information you have entered in the application form and the documents you have provided will be checked more quickly, which will save you several days compared to the standard procedure.

It should also be noted that the urgent procedure is only available here for electronic visas, also known as e-visa for India. These are only available to travellers who wish to visit the country for tourism, business or medical purposes.

Apply for an urgent India visa!

What is the procedure for obtaining an urgent visa for India?

There are only a few online visa providers that offer you an urgent procedure for the Indian visa. This is the case for the provider we have selected for you and for which you will find a link on this page.

To apply for an urgent Indian visa, simply access the standard Indian visa application form on the website. Then tick the box for the urgent option on the form. The rest of the process is exactly the same as for a regular, non-urgent visa application. 

Once you have completed the form, you will need to check all the information on the form to ensure that you have not made any mistakes. You will then need to pay the processing fee for your visa, which will be slightly higher than for a regular visa application. These fees can be paid online directly by credit card or Paypal.

Once the whole process is validated, all you have to do is send your supporting documents electronically to receive your Indian visa as soon as possible. This will be sent to you by email within 3 working days and all you have to do is print it and affix it to your passport.


What is the difference between a regular visa application and an urgent visa application for India?

Generally speaking, the Classic India Visa application is exactly the same as the Urgent India Visa application in that the form to be filled in is exactly the same and the information is in all cases verified by a visa specialist. The specialist will ensure that there are no problems with the form, no errors and that the digital passport photo you submit complies with the rules required by the Indian government.

In the case of an urgent application procedure, these checks will be carried out immediately by the team responsible for studying the file. If this team finds an error, it will immediately send you an email and an SMS so that you can quickly modify your form. The immediate check is done even during weekends or public holidays.

Once your urgent visa application has been found to be compliant, it will be forwarded to the Indian authorities for final validation.

The fee for processing an urgent Indian visa application is also higher than the fee for a regular application and this is a second difference to be noted between these two procedures.

Apart from that, there is no difference between these two types of visas and applications as the information to be filled in and the documents to be provided will be exactly the same. You will also get exactly the same visa to affix to your passport. The visa will not mention the urgency of your application, which in fact only concerns the website of the service provider through which you have applied.


The different urgent processing times offered for the Indian visa:

There are actually three types of online visa applications for India on some sites like the one we recommend on this page. The Indian visa for travellers is available online as an eVisa for tourism for 30 days and double entry. Applicants can choose from three different processing options: standard, urgent or super urgent. Each of these visas has its own specific turnaround time and fee.

  • The standard Indian visa processing time is the one that is offered to you by default in the online application form. Here, the standard processing time will be a maximum of 5 working days. If your departure to India is more than a week away, this will be the ideal visa. Indeed, this is also the cheapest standard visa as it costs only €78.55 including a €26.84 government fee.
  • The urgent Indian visa allows you to reduce the waiting time from 5 working days to only 3 working days. Of course, this visa is also more expensive than the previous one and you will have to pay 134.17€ per traveller including the 26.84€ government fee.
  • Finally, the Super Urgent visa is the fastest visa available today if you want to obtain a visa for India. It allows you to receive your visa in only 36 hours or one and a half days on average. The price of this visa will of course be the highest as you will have to pay a fee of €181.01 per traveller.

It is important to note that fees are subject to change and it is recommended that you check with our partner site for the most up-to-date fees. Travellers can easily apply for their Indian visa online by filling in an application form and providing the necessary information and documents. The processing time announced by the site we refer to is particularly reliable and therefore allows you to get your India visa in a record time of less than 3 days or 36 hours following your application.

Apply for an urgent India visa!

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a guarantee that the urgent visa will be issued within a specified time?

There is no official guarantee regarding the processing of your visa application from Europe. For India in less than 3 working days. Indeed, if the service provider can commit to process your application immediately in order to check your form and documents as soon as possible, it also depends on the processing time of the Indian authorities. While this is usually very short, it may involve additional random checks that may extend the time.

When is the best time to apply for a visa to India?

To avoid having to apply for an India visa in an urgent manner, we recommend that you apply well in advance of your departure. The average processing time for an online India visa is currently 6 working days, but we recommend that you apply at least 2 to 3 weeks before your departure date.

Is it possible to speed up an already submitted India visa application?

Once your India visa application has been registered and paid for, you will not be able to go back and request urgent processing of your application. You will have to wait for the normal time limit to obtain the visa. You will not be able to apply for an urgent visa on any other website.