What is the price of a traditional and e-visa for India?

Getting a visa for India is not a free process and the price of this precious document can be more or less expensive depending on the method used to obtain it and the type of visa. To help you understand how much your visa for India will cost, we suggest that you find out how much the consulate or embassy charges for a regular visa and how much the e-visa costs, which you can obtain directly online.

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Cost of visa to India

The price of the classic visa for India applied by the consulate:

If you choose to apply for a visa in the traditional way, i.e. by applying at the Egyptian Consulate in your country of residence, the consular fee will be 109 Euros. This fee includes the service charges of the official Indian visa centre.

In addition to this price, there may be additional costs such as a fee for special permission if you wish to visit Sikkim. This fee is currently 29 euros.

If your visa application is for a business trip, you will need to apply for a business visa at the Consulate or Embassy. This can be issued for one or more business visits to India. The price will also be higher and is currently 171 euros.

There are other types of visas, the prices of which are detailed below:

  • The multiple-entry tourist visa has a fee of 105 euros.
  • The one-year multiple-entry tourist visa has a fee of 105 euros
  • The multiple-entry business visa has a fee of 167 euros
  • The single entry repatriation assistance visa costs 146 euros
  • The double-entry conference visa has a fee of 86 euros
  • The multiple-entry work visa has a fee of €200
  • The multiple-entry study and internship visa costs 86 euros
  • The single-entry journalist visa costs 86 euros
  • The one-year multiple entry visa costs 124 euros
  • Finally, a single-entry transit visa costs 29 euros

Visa cost for India: key points

  • The consular fee for a traditional visa for India at the embassy is €109.
  • Government fees for an online visa to India range from $27.50 to $83, plus processing fees.
  • The price of a visa for India varies according to the number of entries into the country and the nationality of the applicant.
  • Visa fees can be paid online by credit card on a secure server.

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The price for an online e-visa application for India :

However, for some years now, it has no longer been compulsory for many travellers, including EU nationals, to go through the services of the Indian consulate or embassy to obtain a visa. In 2017, the Indian government set up a 100% electronic system allowing these travellers to apply for a visa online, without having to travel and without having to physically send any documents.

In addition to the time-saving benefits, this system saves money as the fees charged by the services offering it are much lower than for a traditional visa application.

The price of an India visa varies depending on your nationality, length of validity and reason for travel. The processing time is also fast and can be as short as two days for an additional fee.

Thus, the e-visa application method for India is the most economical way to obtain permission to stay in India. Physical visas are systematically more expensive and will require you to pay for travel and document delivery.


What additional fees may apply to online visas for India :

Be careful, however, in choosing the intermediary through which you apply for an e-visa for India online. Some sites may charge higher or lower transaction fees.

Our partner offers online payment of visa applications by credit card or via Paypal without any transaction fees. You only pay the price indicated when you choose your e-visa.

It should also be noted that foreign exchange charges may also be applied. Indeed, if you pay the visa fee by credit card, you may be charged an additional fee by your credit card company for payment in foreign currency. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you use an online intermediary who does not charge fees and who offers payments in euros or in your usual currency. This will save you from having to pay attention to exchange fees when making your payment and from having to monitor the exchange market and the conversion rate of the payment currency into your own currency.


What are the advantages of applying for an e-visa for India?

As we have just seen, the e-visa for India is a simplified procedure that allows certain travellers to obtain a tourist or business visa more easily and at a better price than by going through the classic application procedure. The advantages of this procedure are numerous and include

  • Much lower fees and up to 4 times cheaper than the consular fees for a physical visa
  • Shorter processing times as you can get your visa electronically (email) in just a few days and even within 48 hours for urgent applications
  • No documents need to be sent by post, so you will not have to send your passport and then collect it. Simple scans of the required supporting documents will suffice to complete your application
  • Secure online payment is also available for these visa applications, by credit card or Paypal. This saves time in processing the transaction while securing your payment.

Finally, the price of a visa for India is low thanks to this procedure and it is now easier to travel there without breaking the bank.

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Frequently asked questions

How to get the best price for an India visa?

To save money on your India visa, you should consider applying for an e-visa instead of a traditional visa if you are eligible for one. The simplified online visa application process costs much less than a traditional visa application. It will also save you time with a much shorter processing time and no need to send any documents.

Are there any discounted or group rates for the India visa?

If you are a student or head of a large family, you may be interested to know if you can take advantage of discounted or group rates when applying for your visa. In fact, there are currently no such discounts for e-visas or traditional visas for India and you will need to pay the full fee for each person travelling with you, including children.

What can affect the price of an India visa?

There are several factors that can affect the price of an India visa such as the length of validity of the visa which can be 30 days or one year, the number of entries which can be single or multiple, the type of visa which can be tourist, business or work or study and finally the processing time as you can apply for a visa in a hurry for a fee.