What are the requirements for photo for the India visa?

Wondering which photo to send for your India visa application? Find out all the rules you need to follow to ensure your photo meets the standards.

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Indian visa photo requirements

You are about to plan your future trip to India and need to apply for an e-visa online. As you know, this procedure requires you to provide certain essential documents, the nature and number of which may vary depending on the type of visa requested. Of course, thanks to the services offered by certain websites that provide 100% digital applications, you will not need to send these documents by post, as you can send them by uploading them directly from the website used. These documents include a copy of your passport, but also a ID photo which must meet specific and strict standard and be in PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or other format depending on the website used.

Photo requirements for the e-visa for India: key points

  • The photo required for the India visa can be sent electronically using the e-visa procedure
  • The India visa photo must be clear, unblurred and show the applicant's face
  • The e-visa photo for India must be taken from the front and well framed with the face in the centre
  • The facial expression on the India visa photo must be neutral, without smiling and with eyes open
  • Only colour photos are permitted for the e-visa for India.

How to submit photo when applying for a visa to India?

In the past, it was necessary for travellers wishing to visit India to apply for a visa by physically visiting an embassy or consulate or by sending certain essential documents by email. Fortunately, with the new online e-visa facility, there is no need for mail and even less need to travel.

You can take your photo directly with your mobile phone, with a tablet, a PC or even scan a paper photo you already have in order to digitise it.

Once taken and scanned, your photo can simply be uploaded to the website where you will be applying for your visa. If this does not work, you should know that some sites also allow you to send these photo by email. However, there are certain rules and requirements that must be met to ensure that the photo submitted meets Indian standards.  Indeed, a ID photo is mandatory to obtain an e-visa for India, whether it is an e-Tourist visa, an e-Medical visa or an e-Business visa.

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What type of photo is required for India and why?

A ID photo will be required to obtain an Indian visa, whether it is an e-visa or a regular visa. This photo will be printed on the document and will allow the Indian authorities to verify that you are the holder of this authorisation.

It is therefore important to follow all the instructions carefully in order to meet the specifications for the requested photo. Just remember that the photo you are going to send electronically for your visa application is not necessarily the one in your passport and you should never take a photo from your passport for this purpose.

All types of Indian visa applications that are made online require a photo of the applicant's face, regardless of the site and service used and regardless of the purpose of your stay.

But not all photographs are accepted for this procedure. The photograph of your face must allow formal identification and must therefore be clear, legible and not blurred. It is therefore necessary that all features of your face, hair and skin are identifiable at first glance.


The list of criteria for the photo required for a visa to India:

To ensure that the photo you provide when applying for an India visa online is accurate, here is a complete list of rules for taking and sending the photo.

  • The photo must not be a photo or scan of your passport photo.
  • The photo should be clear and the quality of the tones in the photo should be consistent.
  • The whole face must be visible in this photo and the shot must be frontal so that you can see your face from the front. It is therefore forbidden to take a photo in profile or with a side or slanted view.
  • The eyes should be kept open and not half closed.
  • Your photo should show a clear face and a full head including the hair and the bottom of your chin.
  • The face must be in the centre of the photo and centred when applying for an e-India visa online.
  • The background of the photo should be of one colour and preferably a plain white or off-white background. Photo taken with a coloured or complex background such as a room in the house or a landscape will automatically be rejected.
  • Make sure there are no shadows on your face or on the background of your India visa photo.
  • Do not wear a cap, hat, scarf or head covering except for religious reasons. In all cases, your facial features, from your hair or forehead to the bottom of your chin, must be perfectly visible.
  • When taking your photo, your facial expression should remain neutral and as natural as possible. It is therefore forbidden to smile, frown or have an expression that distorts the face and its naturalness.
  • Although digital visa applications do not require a specific image size, the image must be at least 350 pixels high and 350 pixels wide.
  • The face should cover at least 60% to 70% of the image. The ears, neck and shoulders should also be clearly visible.
  • As for the clothes you wear in the photo, they should contrast with the background and therefore not be white or too light.
  • If you wear glasses, you will need to remove them for the photo.
  • The format of this photo must be JPG, PNG or PDF. However, it will be possible to send photo in other formats by email to some online providers.

Please note that you do not need to send several photo to apply for an e-visa for India. A single photo will suffice.


What format and size should the India visa photo be?

Getting a visa for India is a process that requires attention to many details, including the photo you provide. A poor quality photo or one that does not meet the format and size requirements can result in your visa application being refused, which can be frustrating and costly in terms of time and effort. It is therefore important to understand the photo requirements for Indian visas to ensure that you provide a suitable photo for your application.

Firstly, it is important to know the required format of the photo. The photo must be saved in JPEG format and must have a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels, with a maximum of 2400 x 2400 pixels. This ensures that the photo is clear and sharp, without blurring or pixelation. Photos saved in other formats, such as BMP or PNG, may be rejected, so it is important to ensure that you follow the format instructions.

Secondly, it is important to consider the required size of the photo. The photo should measure 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm), which is small enough to fit on a passport page. It is important to take the photo against a plain white background, without any objects in the background. This ensures that your face is clearly visible and not obscured or hidden by any object in the background.

As far as the quality of the photo is concerned, it is important to ensure that the photo is clear and sharp, with the face clearly visible and taking up 80% of the photo. Glasses are not allowed, unless they are worn for medical reasons. In addition, it is important to smile naturally and to look directly at the photo, as this ensures that your expression is clearly visible and that your identity can be easily confirmed.

It is also important to remember that the photo must be recent, i.e. taken within the last 6 months. This ensures that your appearance in the photo is as close as possible to your current appearance. In addition, the photo must not be retouched or altered in any way, as this may result in your visa application being refused. Masks, hats, headbands, sunglasses and any other items that cover your face are not allowed in the photo.

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