Tourism: What to do in Haliburton County in Canada?

Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff or an adventurer looking for new experiences, Haliburton County has something for everyone. This article reveals exciting outdoor activities, captivating museums and typical restaurants to enrich every stay in this Canadian haven.

Haliburton tourism

Haliburton's natural landscape

Haliburton County, located in the heart of Ontario in Canada, is a true natural gem. Its varied and unspoilt panoramas are an ode to wild splendour that will charm lovers of green spaces.

The region is renowned for its countless lakes that stretch to the horizon, resembling an emerald-studded blue canvas during the summer months. These huge expanses of water are the perfect setting for canoeing or fishing, two pastimes much favoured by the locals.

The woodlands populated by coniferous and deciduous trees give Haliburton a mystical atmosphere when they are decked out in their autumnal garb of reddish and golden hues. The marked paths that wind through these forests offer walkers serene strolls where they can admire the local wildlife in its natural environment.

When winter arrives, these same forests become playgrounds for winter sports enthusiasts such as Nordic skiing or snowshoe walks.

To succinctly describe the county's natural landscape, it would unquestionably be: diversity, splendour and tranquillity. A haven for anyone yearning to escape the urban chaos in order to regenerate in an authentic, unspoilt environment.


Outdoor activities in Haliburton County


Walking in the forest

Haliburton County offers a wide range of activities for keen walkers. Its dense forests are criss-crossed by a large number of trails, offering different levels of difficulty and lengths. Whether you're looking for a short stroll or a more demanding adventure, each trail offers a distinct and rewarding experience. Hikers can anticipate discoveries such as:

  • A diversity of wildlife
  • A breathtaking panorama
  • A peaceful retreat from the noise of the cities
  • The dazzling beauty of leaves changing with the seasons
  • The imposing spectacle of waterfalls tumbling down the slopes.

Haliburton Forest


Fishing on the lake

Haliburton is known not only for its forests, but also for its picturesque lakes. A variety of aquatic species find their habitat here, providing local and visiting anglers with the chance of an unforgettable catch. The calm, soothing waters are the perfect place to relax while admiring the surrounding natural splendour. Rainbow trout, walleye and pike are among the usual catches in these biodiversity-rich lakes.


A visit to local museums in Haliburton County

To complete a visit to Haliburton County, a diversion to the local cultural institutions is highly recommended.

The Haliburton College of Art is a required visit for any art and heritage enthusiast, showcasing a permanent collection of regional artworks. Not far away are the Haliburton County Museum and the Highland Railway Museum, both steeped in history and enthusiastically recounting local life in bygone eras.

These places are more than just a tourist attraction; they provide an appreciation of the county's historical and cultural heritage, offering a rich insight into what life was like in these once pristine landscapes.


Staying in Haliburton


Charming accommodation: hotels and hostels

Accommodation options in County Haliburton are as varied as its landscapes. For the luxury-minded, there's a selection of upmarket hotels to choose from, such as Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre, renowned for its majestic architecture and panoramic views. Inns such as Heather Lodge offer a more personal feel with cosy rooms and dedicated staff.


An immersion in nature: camping

The Haliburton camping experience is a must for all nature lovers. Algonquin Provincial Park, with its vast forests and extensive network of hiking trails, offers an ideal setting for pitching a tent. There are also several areas suitable for caravans or recreational vehicles, providing a rewarding experience for those wishing to get closer to the local wildlife.


An authentic stay: picturesque guest houses

For those looking for a true Canadian experience in Haliburton, nothing beats a stay in one of the many quaint guesthouses scattered throughout the county. These family-run establishments not only offer comfortable and welcoming accommodation but also provide a unique insight into the local way of life. The Riverside Inn Bed & Breakfast is particularly popular with visitors for its friendly atmosphere and renowned home-cooked breakfast.


Local cultural festivities

When visiting Haliburton County, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to take part in the local cultural festivities. These events present themselves as a true showcase of the heritage and traditions of this fascinating region.

Cultural activities are plentiful and diverse: art lovers will be delighted by the Haliburton Arts Festival, which takes place every summer. This festival offers a wide selection of exhibitions, workshops and artistic performances by local creators.

When winter arrives, the annual Winter Carnival celebration is a must. It's a celebration for all the family with a variety of activities including skiing, ice sculpting and ice hockey - all representative of Canadian culture.

For those drawn to local history, the historical re-enactments organised throughout the year offer a unique opportunity to discover what the habits of the county's inhabitants were like at different times.

All these events not only allow visitors to learn more about the county's history and culture they also provide a genuine insight into its warm community spirit. Participating in these events undoubtedly enriches the tourist experience in this attractive corner of Canada.


The unique artisan boutiques

Have you ever considered the incredible diversity of artisan treasures on offer in Haliburton County? This place is rich in a plethora of unique craft shops that undoubtedly deserve your attention.

Not only are these establishments dedicated to promoting the work of local artisans, they also contribute to the undeniable charm and cultural heritage of this region.

  • "Haliburton Sculpture Forest" is an unusual outdoor art gallery where artistic creations blend with the natural factors.
  • "Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre" features a diverse range of local work from paintings to pottery.
  • <"The Ethel Curry Gallery", meanwhile, showcases some of Canada's most captivating contemporary work within its walls.
  • "Baked and Battered Cottage Bakery and Fish Fry" offers gourmets freshly baked artisan bread every morning.

There's no doubt that strolling through these artisan shops not only encourages the discovery of local talent while taking a little piece of Haliburton home with you. So don't hesitate on your next holiday!


Learning about the local history of Haliburton County


Historical tour of the county

To sail through Haliburton County is to dive headfirst into Canadian history. Every corner, every building reveals treasures from a bygone era. A guided tour will help you explore this precious heritage and understand its implications.


Important monuments

Amidst the countless relics that dot the county, some stand out for their historical significance. The Haliburton Museum, a must-see, is a perfect testament to the local heritage. The former railway station and St. George's Church are two other architectural gems not to be overlooked by any history buff.


Suggested romantic getaways

For couples in search of romance, Haliburton County offers a variety of idyllic experiences.

Getting lost in the wild vastness of Algonquin Provincial Park is one of the most recommended activities. This nature reserve offers spectacular vistas where serenity reigns, creating the perfect environment for a romantic stroll or a lunch by a peaceful lake.

The perfect setting for a romantic stroll or a lunch by a peaceful lake.

The perfect setting for a romantic stroll or a lunch by a peaceful lake.

Lovers of nature and outdoor adventures will be delighted by the multitude of footpaths and cycle paths available all year round. In winter, these routes are transformed into superb ski and snowshoe trails.

Spending a night in a secluded cabin in the middle of the forest is a must for those looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The shooting stars crossing the night sky add a magical dimension to these precious shared moments.

Capping off your day with a candlelit dinner in one of the county's many gourmet restaurants adds a culinary touch to this romantic getaway. The tasty local cuisine featuring fresh local produce is sure to delight discerning gourmets.

At the end of the day, nothing beats spending time together in the tranquil sanctuary that is Haliburton.


Family adventures to experience

The Haliburton County experience wouldn't be complete without a family getaway. The enchanting scenery provides the perfect recreation ground for young and old, offering a wide range of activities to explore.

For thrill-seekers, the Skyline Park climbing circuit promises thrilling adventures combining greenery and adrenaline. Well-marked paths encourage walking or cycling, allowing total immersion in the wild Canadian splendour. Families also have the opportunity to navigate the pristine waters of the county's many lakes thanks to canoeing and kayaking trips organised by various local providers.

During the winter season, it's the fairytale white landscape that takes centre stage with entertainment such as Nordic skiing or even snowmobiling - all precious moments shared between parents and children. Discovering Haliburton as a family is therefore a fun and enriching approach to enjoying this charming corner of Canada while creating memorable souvenirs.

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