What is the price of a visa for a tourist trip to Egypt?

Whether you are travelling to Egypt for business or pleasure, you will need a valid visa to enter the country. However, this visa has a cost that you should be aware of and which we will discuss in more detail on this page.

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Price for Egypt visa

How to know the price of a visa for a stay in Egypt?

As with all administrative applications, there is a fee for applying for a visa to travel to Egypt and it is best to factor the cost of this into your travel budget.

It is always necessary to find out the price of a visa before leaving as these prices can fluctuate over time depending on Egyptian government decisions.

The price of a visa for Egypt will also vary depending on the type of visa you wish to obtain? Thus, the official rate at the embassy or consulate will vary between 25€ and 100€.

Price of a visa for Egypt: key points

  • The price of a standard single-entry tourist visa for Egypt is €40
  • The cost of a standard Egypt multiple-entry tourist visa is €100
  • The price of an online e-visa for Egypt will be an average of €25 to €60 in consular fees in addition to processing fees.
  • The price of an on-site visa for Egypt is $25

How much does a regular tourist visa for Egypt cost?

Although the most popular type of visa for travellers to Egypt is the tourist visa, there are many other forms of visa such as business, short stay and long stay. For a tourist visa, it is necessary to apply to the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your home country. For this, you need to fill in a form and send a number of supporting documents.

The consular fee here is 40 euros for a visa that allows a 30-day stay in Egypt and is valid for 90 days after it is issued.

It is also possible to apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa, in which case the fee will be 100 euros. This visa is also valid for 30 days or 90 days and for 180 days. It allows you to enter and leave the country several times.


The price of a business visa for Egypt :

If you wish to travel to Egypt on business, you will also need to provide a specific visa. Here, the price applied may of course be higher than for a tourist visa. This visa may allow you to attend conferences, meetings or sign contracts in Egypt under the same conditions. Only the price will be different here:

For a single-entry business visa, the fee will be 100 euros and the visa will be valid for 30 days or one month.

If your business trip requires a multiple-entry business visa, this fee may be as high as €140, which you will have to pay to the consulate. This visa will be valid for 90 days or three months and the maximum stay will be one month from the date of first entry into the country.


How much does an e-visa cost to travel to Egypt?

Of course, you can apply for your visa electronically as Egypt has had a simplified visa application procedure in place for several years. These e-visas, apart from the fact that they do not require any travel, also have the advantage of being cheaper than traditional visas.

For example, an application for a standard single-entry e-visa valid for 90 days will cost approximately €25 in consular fees plus processing fees. With this visa, you will be able to stay in Egypt for a maximum of 30 days.

For a multiple-entry visa, the consular and government fees will be approximately 60€ plus the processing fee.

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How much does an Egypt visa at the airport cost?

If you are a foreign national wishing to enter Egypt for tourism purposes, you can obtain a tourist visa on arrival at Cairo International Airport, Red Sea ports or Mediterranean ports. The tourist visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days and can be extended once you are in Egypt.

The cost of the tourist visa on arrival is USD 25. However, it is recommended to obtain a visa before travelling to avoid delays and complications on arrival. You can obtain an Egyptian visa in advance at Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad. The cost and visa requirements vary depending on the type of visa you apply for and the length of your stay.

There are also work, student, family visit and transit visas, each with their own requirements and costs. For work and student visas, you will need to provide additional documentation such as a letter of invitation from the employer or educational institution.

In summary, the cost of the Egyptian tourist visa at the airport is USD 25 for up to 30 days, but it is recommended that you obtain a visa in advance to avoid delays and complications on arrival and a significant loss of time during your trip.

Costs and visa requirements vary depending on the type of visa you apply for and the length of your stay. It is therefore highly recommended that you use the official website or a quality website from a reputable provider to apply for your visa online before you leave for Egypt.


Beware of fees that can add to the bill:

While the price of a visa to travel to Egypt is relatively affordable, there are some fees that can add to the bill if the application process does not go as planned.

This is particularly the case if you make a mistake in filling in the online application form. The application will then be refused and it will be necessary to make a new application and pay the fee again.

Applying for a visa on arrival may also cost you more than you expect. It is strongly discouraged as a risky way to obtain your visa. Some travellers have experienced disappointment once they have presented themselves at the visa on arrival counter, where they have been asked to pay a price much higher than the official rate. If there is a problem with the visa-on-arrival application, such as a missing document or incorrect information, the visa-on-arrival cannot be issued. It will then be necessary for the traveller to return to their country by their own means.

One way to keep the cost down is to use an online e-visa service that will ensure that the application is made and that you can get your visa in time for your departure.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average price of an e-visa for Egypt?

The price charged by the Egyptian consulate for e-visa, i.e. online visas, is €25 for a single-entry visa and just over €55 for a multiple-entry visa. However, in addition to these fees, there are intermediary processing fees which vary from one website to another. It is therefore necessary to compare offers carefully or to trust the site we have selected for you.

How to pay the visa application fee for Egypt?

The fee for an online visa application for Egypt should be paid preferably by credit card if you want a quick processing of the application. While some sites offer other payment methods such as bank transfer, processing times are longer and fees may apply.

Is it possible to pay less by applying for several visas for Egypt?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to benefit from reduced prices on visa applications for multiple applications, such as a family application with several children. The Egyptian government does not offer reduced fees for other specific situations either. It is therefore necessary to pay the same fee for each individual application made.